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Professional Development 

A woman looking at a laptop using sign launguage to speak to a person over Zoom.

Sue Wickham Consulting offers training and coaching.


I love to learn new things, expand my knowledge and look to see if improvements can be made on what has been done before.  I also love to impart knowledge and work with others to develop theirs.


  • 1hr - half-day training options depending on the organisation's needs

  • Topics include:

    • creating inclusive and accessible events

    • best practice for presenting online - meetings and events

    • how to run engaging online training and events



  • 1:1 coaching – providing practical feedback, guidance and support to achieve your goals in the event management field

​'She’s a strategic thinker and communicator and worked sensitively to develop positive and respectful relationships with our key partners. I knew we could rely on her excellent planning, adaptability and knowledge of best practice in event management'

Patty Kinnersly, CEO Our Watch



If you would like more information on what training can be developed to suit your needs, then please contact me to discuss

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